Things To Do At Clearwater Beach?

Florida. The beach. What are the things to do at Clearwater Beach? Never been to a beach before? It doesn’t get much better than this for some fun in the sun. The warm sunshine will give you a gorgeous tan in no time! But what else is there to do on the beach? Click here to find attractions (jet skiing, fishing, cruises) at Clearwater Beach.



Build sand castles


Beach Sports

Boogie Board

Watch Sunsets


The white powder sand is unlike none other, excellent for building sand castles and long walks. Walking the beach is very relaxing, the cool gulf breeze is soothing and the soft sand relaxes your feet.

And taking a walk on the Beach at night is very relaxing and romantic. Seeing the night stars bright over the gulf, the waves gently rolling in, and being with the one you love – it doesn’t get much better than that!

Swimming in the warm gulf waters. The water is nice and warm, you will not get cold at all from spring to fall!

The average temperature is in the high 80’s during the summer!

The waves are perfect for boogie boarding. Not too powerful but not too weak. Just right.

Other things to do at Clearwater Beach…… Beach volleyball. Yes, you can beach volleyball! There are plenty of volleyball nets around and there is no problem finding someone to play.

There are plenty of other beach sports to play such as soccer, football, and fress bees.

Watching a sunset on the beach is truly breath-taking. You will never forget these amazing sunsets! Make sure you bring your camera or even better a video recorder so you can watch the sunset back home when the weather is cold and dreary! ;). This is my wife’s favorite things to do at Clearwater Beach!

A nice little bonus is the rinsing stations located along the beach to rinse off before leaving clearwater beach.

No sand in the car or in your flip flops on the walk back to your hotel. No, you don’t pay – it’s FREE!

Spending time at the beach is truly relaxing. Isn’t that the purpose of a vacation, to RELAX? Don’t worry, there are other things to do if you want some excitement too! Click here to see Clearwater Beach attractions such as jet skiing, fishing, and cruises. There are plenty of things to do at Clearwater Beach!

What to bring to the Beach? Okay, you have made plans to visit Clearwater Beach. What items are essential to making your trip enjoyable as possible? We visit the beach often, and we’ve come up with a list of items we bring and we share them with you. Click here to find out what’s on the list.

The weather in Florida allows plenty of attractions to do at the beach while on vacation beside swim and get a nice tan.

Okay, you’ve never been to a beach and you want to know what to be careful of. How to prevent sun burns, what about marine animal life, or how to beat the heat? Click here to find out some basic safety tips.


Beach Swimming.
All you need to know about swimming at Clearwater Beach, Florida.

Beach Sunsets.
Sunsets at the beach are the most breathtaking sight one will every see!

Beach Sports.
Beach sports that can be played on the beach, volleyball, frees bees, football, and soccer.

Packing for the Beach.
What to pack for a day at the beach.

Beach Safety.
Make sure your family stays safe during your visit.

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