Clearwater Beach Weather The Best Of Florida’s Beaches!

Clearwater Beach Weather
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So you are planning a vacation or trip to Clearwater Beach. But what is the weather like? Clearwater Beach Weather is very beautiful. Florida is known as the Sunshine State. Lots and lots of sun :)!

Florida is in the tropics, so there has to rain, right? Yes, it does rain but not like your typical rainy days. Very rarely does it rain for two days in a row. Yes, our family is spoiled to live in a place that has lots of sun! That’s why we go to Clearwater Beach so often, the weather invites you to go outside and have fun!

I know, I hate it when I go on vacation and the weather is terrible. So you want to know when the good weather periods are and the ones to avoid. No worries here, more than likely the weather will be superb!

Let’s get back to the tropical weather patterns. From around mid June to early September we have our rainy season. Hold on, don’t panic if you have already booked your vacation during that time frame.

Our rainy days during the summer consist of a tropical thunderstorm. These usually roll in during the late afternoon and last a short hour or so. And then……. the sun comes back out! So the rain only will interrupt your day by an hour if you even if you have a thunderstorm.

From late September to early June the weather is usually perfect. Very little rain and a nice breeze off the Gulf of Mexic0. It doesn’t get much better than that!

There is Hurricane Season for us, June 1st to November 30th. Most of these form in the early season that affects us. The good thing about it is that there is plenty of notice. Enough time to rearrange your vacation in the worst-case scenario :(.

To put it all together, Clearwater Beach weather is a tropical paradise!

Clearwater Beach Weather

For your short-term needs, here is the Clearwater Beach weather forecast, as well as the current weather.

Clearwater Beach Weather Forecast, FL (33767)

For your longer-term vacation planning, you can just about predict phenomenal weather at Clearwater Beach. This month-to-month Clearwater Beach weather forecast will help you in deciding what clothes to pack and which ones to leave behind….

January weather – Nice, cool, and sunny but bring a sweater for the evenings.

February weather – Nice, cool, and sunny but bring a light jacket just in case.

March weather – Warming up, sunny, and did I say sunny?

April weather – Very perfect weather, just right!

May weather – Starting to get in the high 80’s for a high, getting ready for summer.

June weather – Summer heat is here, low 90’s.

July weather – Okay, some thunderstorms rolling in and hot.

August weather – Peak of the rainy season for us and very hot…. get into the water!

September weather – Still hot but cooling down at night.

October weather – Very perfect weather, just right!

November weather – Nice, cool, and sunny

December weather – Nice, cool, and sunny