Cheap Hotels On Clearwater Beach Without Compromise!

There are plenty of cheap hotels on Clearwater Beach to stay. How do you decide with so many? We have received requests all the time to list inexpensive hotels with reviews from people who visited for firsthand experience.  So……. we got a list together for YOU!

Why spend a fortune on a room, when you will spend the majority of your time out of your room?  Taking a vacation is hard enough, trying to stretch your dollar is even harder.  Stay at a great cheap hotels on Clearwater Beach and save your hard-earned money!

We do not “sell” these hotels, remember we are a local family that shares our great times at this beach with you. All of these hotel recommendations come from other people. Want to share your hotel experiences with others….. Click here.

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When you visit a cheap hotels on Clearwater Beach, your vacation will be enjoyable with all of the beach activities, the fabulous restaurants, the white sandy beach, the amazing sunsets, and the warm sunshine!

Cheap Hotels on Clearwater Beach

Amber Tides Motel

The Amber Tides Motel offers some of the most amazing and stellar views from the different rooms available. As a guest, you will be able to choose from a one bedroom apartment, large efficiency, small efficiency, and the standard king motel room. The ambiance and décor of the Amber Tides Motel is modern and tropical.

Barefoot Bay Resort Motel

It is very close to the beach, and we did not have to worry about walking through a lot of traffic. The motel is simple in design, and it is family owned. One of the relaxing things that we did at the hotel was sit on our private balcony and watch the sunset.

Monaco Resort Clearwater Beach

Monaco Resort Clearwater Beach is a great motel when you are looking for comfortable rooms that are very close to the beach. The management and staff are extremely helpful and very welcoming. We didn’t have to drive anywhere at all during our stay as everything we wanted to do was within walking distance.

North Sunrise Motel

North Sunrise Hotel proved to be a great choice for my family. North Sunrise Hotel offers a very pleasant and unforgettable stay. Our goal is to go back next summer for a repeat trip. We grilled out at the pool area a couple of times in the late afternoons after hanging at the beach during the day.

Traveler Waterfront Motel

This time we decided to try the Traveler Waterfront Motel, and my husband and I have found our new favorite Clearwater Beach motel. I know my husband and I were sure glad we chose to stay in this amazing motel during our vacation to Clearwater Beach.

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