Which Clearwater Beach Hotels To Pick?

Clearwater Beach Hotels
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There are plenty of Clearwater Beach Hotels to pick from.  How do you decide with so many? We receive requests all the time to list more hotels with reviews from people who visited for firsthand experience. So……. we filled these requests.

So which hotel to stay at?  There are so many great hotels, it will be difficult to narrow down the search! Enjoy reading over the reviews, each offers unique perceptions of the establishments.

We list hotels up and down Clearwater Beach. If you want a relaxing atmosphere and arrive to find a lively entertainment at night, it may disappoint. Want a beach view on the beach but end up two blocks from the beach, not good. Want a hotel that is centrally located, not a problem.

We do not “sell” these hotels, remember we are a local family that shares our great times at this beach with you. All of these hotel recommendations come from other people. Want to share your hotel experiences with others…..Click here.

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When you visit a Clearwater Beach Hotel, your vacation will be enjoyable with all of the beach activities, the fabulous restaurants, the white sandy beach, the amazing sunsets, and the warm sunshine!

Hotels on Clearwater Beach

hotels on clearwater beach
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Hilton Clearwater Beach

If you like Hilton properties, the Hilton Clearwater Beach does not disappoint. We spent every morning enjoying the sunrise from our balcony, and the gorgeous ocean view was our favorite part of our room.

Holiday Inn Hotels

The hotel is a great choice for families who want a clean, comfortable place to stay that is right on the beach. The Holiday Inn Clearwater Beach is a great choice for your next family vacation.

Marriott Suites

The Clearwater Beach Marriott Suites is a great choice for travelers who enjoy having a spacious room during their vacation. We have stayed at several different properties during our visits, but the Clearwater Beach Marriott Suites is our favorite.

Pier 60 House Marina Hotel

I was quite surprised upon arriving that I had chosen such a primo location right in the heart of Clearwater Beach. Everything we wanted to do was within walking distance.

Quality Beach Resort

Throughout the week, the staff members went out of their way to talk to our children and make them feel welcome. There are a lot of hotels to choose from on Clearwater Beach, but we really love the Quality Beach Resort.

Wyndham Garden Hotel

Staying at the Wyndham Garden Clearwater on Clearwater Beach, Florida was one of the smartest decisions I made. The hotel staff is more than willing to help visitors make the necessary reservations and transportation arrangements and provide onsite assistance to make anyone’s stay unforgettable.

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