Hotels Clearwater Beach Which One?

hotels on clearwater beach
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Okay, you decided to take a vacation at Clearwater Beach.  Hotels Clearwater Beach…. so many! Now, which hotel to stay at? Reading those hotel descriptions are boring and often don’t tell the whole story.  So, we did some heavy lifting for you….. we had people review some of these Clearwater Beach hotels for you!

So which hotel to stay at? There are so many great hotels, it will be difficult to narrow down the search!  Enjoy reading over the reviews, each offers unique perceptions of the establishments.

The list of hotels are below are in the medium price ranges. While you may want to cut costs, you will not cut any service or accommodation at these hotels Clearwater Beach!  Want one directly on the beach???  Not a problem!  Want one with a large pool deck area??? Not a problem! Want one in the middle of Clearwater Beach…. you guessed it… not a problem!

We do not “sell” these hotels, remember we are a local family that shares our great times at this beach with you. All of these Clearwater Beach hotel recommendations come from other people. Want to share your hotel experiences with others…..  Click here.

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Hotels Clearwater Beach. Just as any other beach, there are alot of beaches….. but only one Clearwater Beach. The same goes for these Clearwater Beach hotels! When you stay, you won’t be disappointed with the pure white sand, the warm sunshine, the beautiful sunsets, or the exciting activities!

Clearwater Beach Hotels

Clearwater Beach Hotels
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Beachview Inn

The Beachview Inn of Clearwater, Florida is a spacious and accommodating hotel with a number of useful and enjoyable amenities. The staff at the hotel is so welcoming and they are always willing to assist you with any and everything. That is what I like to call stellar service! If you are traveling alone, with friend, a loved one, or with the entire family, this hotel is a great choice no matter what.

Magnuson Hotel Clearwater Beach

When looking for a relaxing and comfortable hotel to stay in around Clearwater Beach, FL, there are few places as beautiful and accommodating as Magnuson Hotel Clearwater Beach. Magnuson Hotel Clearwater Beach is one of the most popular and relaxing hotels due to its amenities and comfortable rooms. You’ll enjoy your trip even more by staying here.

Pelican Pointe Hotel and Resort

I recommend the Pelican Pointe Hotel to travelers who want a comfortable place to stay at a reasonable price. The Pelican Pointe Hotel is a smaller property, and we really enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. The staff members are the best! This great property makes the dream of a beach vacation a reality for many families.

Ritz Resort Motel

The Ritz Resort Motel was perfect for us as the beach is extremely close. Because our experience at the Ritz Resort Motel was so good, I can clearly see us booking our stay with them again. Small families on a budget can really make for a great vacation by staying there. I definitely give them a two thumbs up!

Tropical Breeze Resort

We had a great week at the Tropical Breeze Resort! The two most important things to us when we choose a hotel are price and location. The hotel is clean and comfortable, and the rates are very competitive. We are excited to return to the Tropical Breeze Resort for our beach vacation next year.

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