Florida Beach Vacations

Florida Beach Vacations
Photo by Roberto Nickson from Pexels

We share other Florida Beach vacations hot spots, we already shared our stories of Clearwater Beach. The sites listed below are ones that we use when we travel around the state. We find out the best spots to rest our tired families, where our kids will enjoy some great food at great prices, what attractions are in the immediate area that we will enjoy, and everything else we would like to know.

When we visit other Florida beaches, it is usually related to work or a family event. When we visited Ft Lauderdale beach, we left the kids at home. There was a work related event and I brought my husband along. The last day we finally got around to the beach. We kinda made a Florida beach vacation out of it, well at least for a day!

The St. Augustine beach was a family event. Our entire family went to St. Augustine for a long weekend. It is a great beach as well as some great attractions. Maybe next time we will stay at a bed and breakfast for a nice romantic getaway.

My husband says Daytona Beach is nice, and you can even drive your car onto the beach! Who would have thought that you can drive your car on the beach and not get stuck?

Well, enough of our talk about other Florida beach vacations. Time for us to share some other websites that we enjoy.

Florida Beach Websites

Beach Hunter.
Florida beaches: photos, video clips, and personal reviews of the best Gulf Beaches and Atlantic Beaches, by Florida expert and travel author, David McRee.

Florida Keys Guide.
Let us be your guide and help plan your next trip to the Florida Keys! We will show you the best of the best! The best places to go, the best things to do, and the best things to see! Come visit the Florida Keys Guide!

Beach Therapy.
Everyone deserves some beach therapy now and then. Reviews of beaches with pictures and video. The best beach products available tested and reviewed. Beach pictures, beach e-cards, and beach quotes. Beach therapy on your computer.

The Best Florida Beaches.
Find the best Florida Beaches for your next vacation. Explore the top 10 Florida Beaches and see why they’re rated among the best beaches in Florida. A look at the beaches, hotels, resorts, restaurants, watersports, shopping and nightlife in each area.

Go Florida.
Want to know what more about travel to Florida, vacations, and accommodations covering all regions and major centers? Go Florida has what you are looking for. 

Florida Beach Guides.
Florida vacations. Information on Florida Vacations, Florida Beaches including the best beaches in Florida.

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