Which Clearwater Beach Hotel Suites Is Right For YOU?

The selection of Clearwater Beach Hotel Suites to rent for a week or month can be overwhelming, not to mention the locations, prices, and amenities. So what we did was asked for reviews from people who actually stayed at these suites.

So, which one is the best?  Well, hold on there. Each has their own unique characteristics that makes each one different and better from another. Enjoy reading the reviews to gain a perception unlike any other and…. you decide!

We list Clearwater Beach Hotel Suites with the average price range and an excerpt of their reviews below. Want a suite that is upscale and secluded, not a problem. Want to save on costs to spend your hard earned money on Clearwater Beach attractions, not a problem.

Please remember that we have never stayed at any of these suites, after all, we live locally. Our family visits Clearwater Beach several times a month to take in all the great entertainment that it offers.  All of these condo recommendations come from other people just like you. Want to share your suite experience with others…. Click here.

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When you visit a suite on Clearwater Beach, your vacation will be enjoyable with all of the beach activities, the fabulous restaurants, the white sandy beach, the amazing sunsets, and the warm sunshine!

Clearwater Beach Hotel Suites

Coconut Cove All Suite Hotel: $$$

Coconut Grove Suites are a luxurious option for various traveler types. The nearby beaches always have a piece of my heart, but a commitment to customer service made me a lifelong fan.

Park Manor Resort: $$$

I had already heard glowing reviews, so I decided to check the place out. The second I walked in the door to pay for my reservations, I was blown away by every aspect of the service.

Chart House Suites on Clearwater Bay: $$

The Chart House on Clearwater Bay is a secluded and spacious hotel in the Clearwater, Florida area. I could not stop taking pictures of the beautiful view of the island from out room and all that the island has to offer its residents and guests.

Royal North Beach Condo Hotel: $$

My family had a great stay at the Royal North Beach Condo Hotel. The managers of this property make sure that you feel welcomed, and the hotel has a comfortable, home-like atmosphere.

Sands Point Motel and Suites: $

From the inside of the hotel to the surrounding area, I was pleasantly surprised with everything about my trip, and I cannot wait to go back. The rooms are large, and the amenities are more than I could have asked for.

Bay Royal Motel and Apartments: $

The Bay Royal Motel is the perfect hotel option for a couple looking to have a peaceful and relaxing time during their stay in Clearwater. I was very pleased with the size of the apartments because they were spacious and welcoming.

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