Which Clearwater Beach Resorts To Stay At?

Clearwater Beach resort
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There are several Clearwater Beach resorts to stay at. But which one? Since we live in the area, we don’t stay at any resorts, hotels, or motels for the matter. But we do offer a unique perspective.

Where they are located, the unique atmosphere of each one, and what they have to offer.

We’ve stayed at other resorts – in Chicago, St Augustine, and North Carolina. If you haven’t vacationed at a resort, it is a MUST! It is totally different from a hotel or motel, it’s difficult to put into words.

If you have the ability, stay at a resort at least once in your lifetime – even if it’s not at Clearwater Beach!

Staying at a resort on the waterfront is a special experience, you will feel like a million bucks! So what are the differences and how to you choose between Clearwater Beach resorts?

Simple. What are you looking for?

– relaxing atmosphere?

– exciting live entertainment?

– family time?

– romantic getaway?

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While we list the local’s viewpoint, we would love to hear from the vacationers. Post your experience so that others can gain a valuable perspective.

We are not “selling” any of these resorts we list – we simply are givings a local’s perspective. After all, we never spent a night in them, how could we recommend them?

We have a unique perspective of seeing the visitors, talking to them. And we use their spas, restaurants, and shops.

Selecting a Clearwater Beach resort on the waterfront will be a vacation you will NEVER forget! There is so much to do while you are here too!

The restaurants, the beach, activities, shops, and area attractions will NOT let you down.

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Clearwater Beach Resorts

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Sandpearl Resort

The Sandpearl Resort offers a great relaxing environment on Clearwater Beach.

Quick Info:

* Location – 500 Mandalay Ave

* Telephone – 727 441 2425

Hyatt Clearwater Beach Resort

The Hyatt Clearwater Beach offers a great family atmosphere for a wonderful vacation.

Quick Info:

* Location – 301 South Gulfview Blvd

* Telephone – 727 373 1234

Shephards Beach Resort

Shephards Clearwater Beach is renowned for its exciting atmosphere and lively entertainment.

Quick Info:

* Location – 619 South Gulfview Blvd

* Telephone – 727 441 6875

Sheraton Sand Key Resort

Sheraton Sand Key is a great romantic getaway that offers a secluded atmosphere with a private beach.

Quick Info:

* Location – 1160 Gulf Blvd

* Telephone – 727 595 1611

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