"What are the local's favortite spots to go while at
Clearwater Beach?"

"The local's favorites spots?" Visitors to Clearwater Beach often are unsure of what restaurants to eat at or which attractions are the best once they are here. The list is endless.

But WHY do we keep coming here? Simple!

- Warm sunshine

- White sandy beaches

- Excellent restaurants

- Fabulous accommodations

- Endless fun

As you drive over the Memorial Causeway Bridge to the beach, the sight alone is breath taking. To see all the palm trees, feel the warm gulf breeze, and the salt smell in the air. I wish I was there now!

The drive down Gulfview Boulevard with the beach on one side and seeing the sparkling water and the white sandy beach is astonishing. You will never forget the AMAZING sunsets either!

We live in the area and spend ALOT of time at Clearwater Beach. It is remarkable that a barrier island, 2.5 miles long and four blocks wide, has so much to offer!

Don't want to waste your hard-earned money on a hotel that is not what you expected? Or eat at a restaurant that doesn't serve seafood? I hate getting disappointed too.

Where to go for charter fishing, beachfront rentals, family day cruises, seafood restaurants, diving, golfing? These are just some of the questions that many visitors have. And the list goes on and on.

We just don't go to the beach to relax. We eat at our favorite restaurants, rent jet ski's, go on day cruises, parasail, and charter fishing boats.

We've been coming here since we moved here in 1991 and LOVE every minute of it! As a local, we know where to go and not to go. The majority of places are good, just sometimes not what you expected.

We always get asked by friends from out of the area where to go. What is the best restaurant, what hotel to stay at? Where are the jet ski rental shops, or what charter fishing boat to use?

So......our family shares OUR experiences with YOU! We hope you enjoy our "journal" of Clearwater Beach! Come find out why Clearwater Beach is ranked in the top 10 City Beaches in the United States!!!