Which Clearwater Beach Restaurants To Eat At That The LOCALS Enjoy?

Clearwater Beach Restaurants
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Clearwater Beach Restaurants, so many to choose from. But which one? Clearwater beach has alot of dining options.

– Seafood

– Waterfront

– Elegant

– Japanese

– Italian

Most restaurants will serve at least one item that is seafood. But does that REALLY count as a seafood restaurant? Not in my book it doesn’t!

We’ll show you our experiences of some good restaurants with different price ranges and locations.

Share YOUR Favorite Clearwater Beach Restaurant
Where was your best meal?
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We are always looking for new Clearwater Beach restaurants to try. We also love to read about traveler’s favorite places to eat.

So what’s YOUR best spot to eat seafood, Italian, salads (for my wife of course!), or a good hamburger to fill the kids up?

Do you agree or disagree with our family’s opinion? How would you rank these restaurants? Which restaurants should we eat at?

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Want a specialty restaurant such as Japanese – no problem. Sushi for dinner! Have a craving for Italian, no problem either. Spaghetti and meatballs for everyone!

Don’t want to eat lunch on the beach or didn’t pack a lunch and don’t want to head back to the room to change?

There are plenty of beachfront restaurants that cater to customers in sand and bathing suits!

Looking for wings, gator (yes, alligator), grouper, tuna, tempura roll, or pizza? There are plenty of good restaurants to eat at. Just don’t eat at the bad ones (hint, look for the empty dining areas).

Want to know where to locals go to eat? Look for the long lines and packed parking lots! Don’t worry, you’ll show you – and feel free to explore on your own.

You can even eat at your hotel or resort restaurant.

What if you are staying at a house or condo rental and want to cook yourself? Easy, we’ll show you what grocery store is nearby.

This is great when you go on a fishing cruise or charter fishing and want to eat that fresh fish you just caught earlier in the day. Nothing tastes better than a fresh catch!

There are hundreds of Clearwater beach restaurants to eat at. Some offer great breakfasts, some offer great lunches, while other are great for dinner.

You definitely will NOT go hungry during your stay!

A list of Restaurants that the Locals Frequent

Cesares at the Beach
What makes this restaurant on Clearwater beach worth coming to?

Crabbys Bar & Grill
Why do we like this restaurant?

Island Way Grill
Looking for a romantic restaurant? Elegant night out? Or fine dining?

Frenchys Rockaway Grill
Both the visitors and locals LOVE to eat here.

Frenchys South Beach Cafe
Why do we like this restaurant on Clearwater beach?

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